Thursday, May 31, 2012

Acceptance & Understanding

This morning as I was wallowing in self pity, I started thinking. What if these trials we face are not just for ourselves, but also to teach those around us acceptance and understanding.


  1. This is almost exactly what my doctor told me yesterday. She said, "If your situation does nothing but teach others not to judge then..." I can't remember what she said after that, but it was something about my life being worth it. Anyway she told me that she believes that God let this happen to me so I could help God teacher people understanding, compassion, and love. I really felt that she was right, and I think this applies to all of us.

    If nothing else having you as a friend helps me more than you know.

    1. Thank you, your friendship means lots to me as well. Friends are what make our difficult times bearable.

    2. I am truly sorry to read of your pain, both of you. And I agree with the post and comments you have made. I have learned so much as I have sought understanding regarding your feelings and how to help and offer my faith and prayers.
      I believe in a God who can turn the tragedies and inequities common to mortality and turn them into refining blessings for all who we come in contact with.
      Today I was standing in a checkout line and the disabled young man at the front of the line was struggling to get his change back in his wallet for a long while. I could see several folks getting impatient, finally the woman next to him offered assistance. When I got to the cashier who I know well, and she knows I am always in a hurry, I said, "Isn't it great that sometimes we're reminded that things we take for granted are not easy or automatic for others, so we slow down and learn to appreciate our blessings and develop compassion for others.
      Or as the Savior said in reply to the question, "Who did sin that this man was born blind, he or his parents?" The Devine response, "Neither, but that the works of God might be manefest"
      Bless you both, and all who are silently reading our words who similarly struggle. Your friend, Laurie.

    3. Some time the best thing is a listening ear, and a sympathetic comment.

    4. Hopefully I have been able to be that for you in some small degree.

  2. I think you're definitely onto something there, C. Laurie captured it in that quote from Jesus: God allows adversity to exist in the world so that we can learn to love and serve others.