Sunday, April 15, 2012

Songs that I find Thrilling

This is a small list of some of the music that has inspired me and moved me in ways I can’t explain.

I have found these songs absolutely thrilling in so many ways, and have helped me through countless dark times.  They are what help me to keep my sanity.


  1. I love these songs too (the one's I recognize). There are a few I'm not sure I've heard, but I'll check them out tomorrow (got to get to bed soon).

    1. So I went ahead and listened to the ones's I didn't recognize--and there were only a couple I haven't heard. I liked them all except the first one, Apocalyptica - Hall of the mountain King--definitely not my style, but I love the others.

    2. Well I grew up with music like Apocalyptica - Hall of the mountain King, and I work with people that like that kind of music so I have grown a taste for some of it. Did you know that band consists of three Cellos and a drummer?