Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Well I was looking for another word for Mind and I came across this quote:

No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear (Edmund Burke).

I started to think about how fear has played a roll in my life.  The more general fears; being found out, acting girly, and so on.  Then I started thinking about the more subtle fears I feel.  The fear that I will take being transgender into the after life.  The fear of how people will preserve me when I start talking more about myself.  I fear that if I don’t start telling people about myself; I may miss helping someone who might truly need my help.  I fear I may not be strong enough to continue to the end.  I fear that I may not be able to move forward in my life and better myself.  One of my biggest fears is that one day I will wake up and realise my entire life has been spent doing something I hate just to pay the bills. 

What is the antidote to fear?  I think it is courage, and I would like the share my favourite quote about courage.  It is from the Princess Diaries. 

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the knowledge that something is more important.  The courageous do not live forever, but the fearful do not live at all.”


  1. I have often wondered how different my life would have been if I hadn't made so many choices because I was scared. I also used to fear that things wouldn't be any better for me after this life. I used to ask myself how it would be possible for me to 'get over' being trans after this life. I mean the person I see myself as, would that person just not exist anymore and if so then who would I be?

    Anyway, I worried a lot about that.

    I love the quotes you found. I've seen Princess Diaries, but I don't really remember that great quote--who would have thought that such wisdom would be contained in that film. I just thought it was a funny and silly girly movie. Now I want to watch it again just so I can get the quote in context.

  2. The quote from Princess Diaries is in the letter from hir father.